A film evening in our dormitory ŠDAD


Thursday, 11th of November, 8 p.m., is the date when the first film evening took place in the dvorana (our common hall) of our dormitory. It was an idea that sister Barbara had had in her mind for a longer time,

but since the beginning of the academic year the rebuilding works had been still going on and we could arrange this event only now. The premiere began with the popular romantic film ,,A Walk to Remember“ . It shows the story of love between a pastor’s daughter who is deadly ill and a ,,bad“ boy whose heart is changed by real love. The way how ,,normal“ young persons can testify of God is very truly presented in the whole film.

I have seen this film at least five times and every time it makes me go deeper into myself and ask me how much I can love and how much our Lord loves every person on this planet. I consider this film as one of the best romantic stories I have ever seen. It`s not about love from fairytales and books, about non-realistic feelings; it`s about love, a true and beautiful picture of relationship between two young people who love each other. I wish this were a picture of every relationship we can see today...

The film was followed by a small discussion, sharing the feelings and thoughts about what we had just seen - from the perspective of the students on one hand, and the sisters’ view on the other, which I really like. This helps to develop the relationships in our ,,dorm“ community.

I hope this newly established tradition will continue and become a stable part of meetings in our ,,dorm“ community.

,,Love is like a wind, you cannot see it, but you feel it.“

Slovaška študentka Gabriela na izmenjavi

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